“Blake Williams is an asset to the Greater Ardmore Chamber. As our communication consultant, his expertise has been invaluable. The Greater Ardmore Chamber’s presence online and in print has improved drastically over the past year with Blake’s website design, social media management, and media relations skills. His purpose-driven marketing has helped us connect with a targeted audience and helped us be successful when planning and implementing our goals and events. Also, Blake has assisted with the overall communication within the Chamber of Commerce which is perhaps one of the greatest measures of success I am most proud of because communication within any group is a key to success.”
Yolandia Eubanks
Director - Greater Ardmore Chamber of Commerce
“Blake Williams has been a key contributor to Athens Main Street’s marketing and promotion efforts for the last several years. He was instrumental in the creation of our website and continues to keep it highly relevant and running smoothly. His social media savvy has helped grow our social media platforms to more than 10,000 unique users across three platforms. Each year, we look to Blake to help us create our Marketing and Promotion Plans. His advice and understanding of our community are invaluable. I would highly recommend engaging Blake Williams to help your organization or business take your marketing to the next level.”
“Blake Williams is very creative, responsive, and professional with his services. He does it all with a smile on his face and with such exuberance. It’s a real pleasure to work with him."