When you ask senior Calyn Adams to describe what softball has meant to her the past four years, the first word that comes to her mind is fun.
Growing up in a house with two older sisters who played softball, Calyn used softball to bond not only with her sisters but also her parents.

“My Dad was my coach and my sisters, Carly and Caryn, was my inspiration,” Adams said.

Calyn is not the first Adams sister to take her game to the collegiate level. Carly was a standout player at Longwood, and the two sisters were able to square off on the diamond over the 2016 season. Calyn and the Bulldog got the better of Carly by a 3-1 final.

Calyn has also been inspired by her mother, Carolyn, who passed away from cancer during Adams’ sophomore season. Calyn described her mother as a great listener, and Calyn often ponders what would her mother do in certain situations. Her mother’s voice has always been a voice of strength in tough situations.

Coming from Chesterfield, Va., and being homeschooled, Calyn’s transition to Mississippi State has been easy since day one thanks to her softball family. She is proud of the way the senior class bonded. That bond has been crucial in carrying out the roles that each senior fills on the team.

“I want to be remembered as someone who got my job done,” Adams stated.

Kayla Winkfield, Calyn’s former teammate and now a member of the support staff, shared her wealth of knowledge she gained over the years. Calyn credits that to her successes today.

“I learned what was expected from me. I hope I have influenced the team the same way Kayla influenced me,” Adams said.

Calyn is grateful for a great coaching staff who taught her to always be first, to pay attention to detail and to learn from the people around you.

One of Calyn’s favorite memories happened freshman year, and that was a dance off with Morgan Bell in the resident hall. Adams only lost by one point.

“I want to do a rematch before the end of the season, because I feel like my dance moves have improved,” Adams stated while laughing.

While not at Nusz Park, you can catch Calyn watching movies, especially the Lord of the Rings.

“I could probably quote the entire series,” Adams said.

Calyn and her team is working hard in conference play to compete for a title and to head back to the NCAA Regionals.

“To get to NCAA Regionals is an honor and not everyone gets to go,” Adams said.

Calyn Adams and the 2018 senior class will celebrate Senior Day on Sunday, May 6 versus Tennessee at 2 p.m. CT.

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