Jazzmun Holmes is making a name for herself on the court by hard work and relentless hours in the gym. The 5-foot-8 guard from Gulfport, Miss. chose to stay in her home state due to a personal connection she had to Mississippi State.

Her mother, Shayla, played soccer for the Bulldogs and her father, Tim, was a defensive standout for MSU in football, helping State to the 1998 SEC Western Division title and appearances in the Cotton Bowl and Peach Bowl.

Holmes said, “the environment and coaches are what led me to continue the legacy here.” She continues by saying, “the former players and coaches made it feel like home and treated me like family.”

Head Coach Vic Schaefer tries to emphasis team chemistry and Jazzmun agrees that is one of the major components of being successful. “The more we practice and are around each other the better [team chemistry] gets,” says Holmes.

With high expectations following last year’s run to the national championship game, the team knows they have work to do. Holmes states, “in order to succeed what we did last year we have to work 10 times as harder.”

The 2017 SEC Academic Honor Roll guard uses her team and coaches to gain confidence during her games. Holmes said, “I have gotten confidence in what coach expects from me.” Holmes uses that confidence in conference play. In her sophomore campaign, she noted 31 assists in 15 games during conference play.

Holmes shows her passion and drive during warm-ups and games. She recalls a moment when she forgot to put on her jersey before a game. Holmes laughed “I got caught up in changing out of warm-up gear and when Coach [Vic] Schaefer called me to go in, we just stared at each other and I ran to the locker room and got changed.”

Holmes, seeking a degree in human sciences, loves when fellow classmates ask her about the team. Holmes states, “It shows that they are paying attention.”

Holmes is currently in her Junior season and can be followed on Twitter @JaeH_13

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